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Auch im Speicher II

Kunsthalle Münster
Galerie Mike Karstens
Coppenrath Verlag


Marc Günnewig & Jan Kampshoff
+49.(0)251.628 566 50
modulorbeat is a network of architects, urbanists and designers from Münster, Germany. They work in the area of field between city and landscape, generate and support projects and studies as well as dialogic planning processes. They became famous for temporary experimental buildings such as the golden information pavilion for "Skulptur Projekte Münster 2007". Their work "Kubik", a mobile installation made of industrial water tanks, was shown in Berlin, Barcelona, Lisbon and Milan. As curators of the exhibition "West Arch – A New Generation in Architecture" they presented young experimental architectural scenes from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands at the Ludwig Forum Aachen. "We show a complex vision of the city. Apart from architects, planners and urban planners in the core team, there is an active network of cultural experts, journalists, photographers, designers and artists.