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Auch im Speicher II

Kunsthalle Münster
Galerie Mike Karstens
Coppenrath Verlag

Elisabeth(Lis) Schröder


Lis Schröder works at the intersection of media art, music and text. She creates audiovisual installations, but her art can also be a song or an essay. Sometimes works are created for public space - which she also understands to include radio, for example. A recurring point of reference in Lis Schröder's work is pop culture and pop music. She is interested in historical constellations and places, but also in present-day aesthetics and phenomena of contemporary emotionality such as radical softness or ghosting.

Lis Schröder / media:


"Düsseldorf. An Audio Visual Study, video still, 2021


"Düsseldorf. An Audio Visual Study", multi channel video installation, 2021


"Wie Ein Geist (Like A Ghost)", video still, 2020


"Sicher (Secure)", projection, harbour, Münster, 2016